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Hochiminh city guide would like to apologise to our english readers and listeners. Recordings were ready for nearly 2 years but we didn’t have time enough to set them on.

Saigon Central Post Office is our first point of interest for a half day tour around district 1. This is the starting point of city discovery. A hundred years ago, the whole place  was a small forest and nowadays, we can just see a few of them located in the park nearby. Should you want to breath the tree’s flagrance, you will have to step to the Independance Palace.

In vietnamese Saigon Central Post Office is name Buu Dien Thanh Pho. The building was constructed by the renowned Gustave Eiffel, the architect of Eiffel Tower. He has mixted 2 main concepts : Feng Shui and French metal work … while keeping the usage of new technics and materiel.

Paris Eiffel Tower and Hochiminh city central post office

Particularly, further to a big discussion with the former governor of Cochinchina, he decided to opt for « intensive screwing » against « rivets » which is more demanding for technics know-how. Saigon City Guide remind you that the Eiffel company was created in 1866 thanks to metal works and solid know how of the rivet’s technic.

The use of rivets technique for the Eiffel tower in Paris
Technic of screwing for Hochiminh city central post office

Should you look at the front façade of the central post office, you will see the engraved names of the telecommunications scientist. In a similar way, visiting the first floor of Eiffel tower in Paris, you will notice the engraved names of scientists.

Saigon Central Post Office and Gustave Eiffel
Saigon Central Post Office and Gustave Eiffel
Names of telecommunications scientists are engraved at the front facade of Saigon Central Post Office

Audio Recordings

Saigon Eiffel’s great colonial work

intérieur de la poste centrale construite par l'architecte Gustave Eiffel, auteur de la fameuse tour parisienne

Une œuvre signée Eiffel, l'architecte de la tour Eiffel de Paris

The public writer


Indochine. Carte des lignes télégraphiques
Indochina. The telecommunications network


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To pursue your audio visit with our next point, the Notre Dame Church of Saigon

Otherwise, do you want a drink at one of the most significant villa colonial downtown ? Hotel Continental,132 Đồng Khởi, Bến Nghé, District 1, Téléphone :+84 8 3829 9201. Please do not miss to step by Caravelle Hotel, at the rooftop bar. You will see a very nice collection of Saigon’s images. (And do not make the confusion between Intercontinental Asiana, a pretty new hotel and Continental Hotel, a charming colonial work.

Intercontinental de Saigon, since 1880
Intercontinental de Saigon, since 1880

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