If you do not have much time in Saigon, start your visit by the Cong Xa Paris place, namely Place of Paris Commune. This is here where the French governor started the colonial great work plan. This was a large land of more than ten thousands of square meters. A newly post office replaced the very old church of Saigon and the governor De Villers committed to the nowadays buildings. « Make Saigon the Pearl of the Far East. » This was one of the tasks entrusted to De Vilers, the first Governor of Saigon in (1879) and member of the French National Assembly. He set up an urbanization plan, in both the public and religious domains. In Saigon, the most important churches being Notre Dame Basilica which was completed in (1880) and the (2) others Huyen Sy (1902) and Cho Quan (1891). Houses were also setup to accommodate the new members of the clergy. One amazing landmark is the home of the diocese located at (180) Nguyen Dinh Chieu. At the same place, do not miss the visit of the small wooded chapel which is considered as the oldest traditional town house in Vietnam. The Lord Nguyen Anh had it built in (1799) to house Bishop Pineau, tutor to Prince Canh. Determined to export French ideologies and institutions, he developed a penal code, instituted a Council and structured Saigon into districts and neighborhoods, many of which have been retained up until now

TWO civilisations

Une chapelle dans le plus pur style d'art architecture des pagodes
Oldest church – To visit at 180 Nguyen Dinh Chieu.
Nha Tho Duc Ba – Notre Dame Church of Saigon, Gothic Style

Birth of vietnamese modern language


Development of christianism in vietnam



Sweden Gothic Cathedral

Paris Notre Dame

Next point for audio visit The Saigon Central Post Office

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