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Cliquer ici pour débuter le parcours de la place de la commune de Paris avec la poste centrale signée Gustave Eiffel

saigon-city-guide-englishSaigon City Guide is very proud to introduce the very first points of interest, the Central Post Office and Notre-Dame cathedral of Saigon. Both of those two landmarks are located downtown in the District 1, next to Independance Palace and recall the history of Saigon, from Indochina area to the Independance.

cathedrale-notre-dame-saigon-nha-tho-duc-ba-place-commune-parisTo immediately listen to audio please get to our audiovisit which you can select using the menu.

Listen to the audio about Saigon Central Post Office

Listen to the audio about Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon

Discover the central post office

The Central Post Office, such as the famous Paris Eiffel Tower, was designed by Sir Eiffel. Paris Eiffel Tower was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1889 while the Central Post Office was launched in 1886.

paris-tour-eiffel-affiche-exposition-universelleAnd nowadays, you can still get to the central post office to post your mail, to shop around the galeries or even to book your trip to visit the Hochiminh city  neighbours. We do recommend you to pay a visit to Cu chi or Vungtau by boat, it’s safe and prevent you from the trafic. When looking at the front facade or the interior, please, use the audio to have the commentaries about the great work of Eiffel who has also erected 2 other monuments in Vietnam, the Longbien bridge and the Trangtien bridge, located in Hue and Hanoi. Actually, graduated from the prestigious Ecole Centrale, firstly, his renown was made thanks to various bridges for the French railway network : Gabarit Viaduc, Bridge of Bordeaux …

Gabarit Viaduc, architecture work by Sir Gustave Eiffel

Listen to the audio about Saigon Central Post Office


Discover the Notre-Dame cathedral of Hochiminh City

Notre Dame was built to replace the very old church located at the Central Post Office, according to the demand of Monseigneur Bishop. This old chapell can be visited at 180 Nguyen Dinh Chieu. It was also used for the classes of prince Nguyen Huu Canh. When looking at the Frenchconstructions and the old asian style, you can feel the differences between the use of wood, ceramics and metal, bricks. We strongly recommend you to pay a visit to the oldest house of Saigon, erected 200 years ago, after your day tour in Saigon.

To listen to the commentary about the Saigon Notre Dame Church

tuiles-yin-yang-ngoi-am-duong-nha-nguyen-1790chapelle-ancienne-saigon-1790-vue-exterieureArchitecture Kiến Trúc Cổ à SaigonArchitecture Kiến Trúc Cổ à Saigon

Saigoncityguide tour touristique de Saigon. Chapelle de Tong Giam Muc datant de plus de deux siècles
Saigoncityguide tour touristique de Saigon. 200 years chapell